Architectural communication services

Communication objectives

Our Advertising campaigns and marketing tools specialized in architecture areas are aimed to achieve the most high-end movies that attract audience to know more about the projects and products we show.

Today, automotive and medical movies are one of the new areas we are working on, Close to research teams to civulgate new medical discoveries and concept design for the Chinese automotive market.

Urbansimulations finds out the way to connect with the audience and to accelerate every bussiness throughout stunning shots from helicopters or working with the finest actors to get the mood of every project.

Our campaigns are both informing and engaging their target audiences using amazing helicopter shots, incredible directors and actors and the state-of-the-art technologies.

Agency services

Creative Agency

Working close to our clients we achieve the best results with a constant feedback with market, product analysis and fluid and oriented work with clients.

Our copywriters are aimed to the kind of audience that it's expecting something to first of all, get its attention, second get it surprised, third inform and analyze the prduct and fourth get the relaxed and peaceful mood that accelerate a decission-maker to buy, pass or choose between several projects or products.

New ideas brought from our fresh copywriters, increbile 3d shots, creative real camera movements in filming and 3d integration are the big fireworks for getting audience attention are reviewed with fine storyboards 2d and 3d with our clients to preview the final production.

Branding and identity

All the previous steps of analysis and diagnosis leads us to a clear design focused in showing the goals of our creativity team.

Brand design, corporative design to produce printed media and digital media.

Production guidelines

Storytelling, palette choices from the brand design or casting guides are the roles of our agency to ensure everything is uniform and correct in every event or action of the campaign.

Media plans

Storytelling, palette choices from the brand design or casting guides are the roles of our agency to ensure everything is uniform and correct in every event or action of the campaign.

Production Services

Movies and renderings

Using the awarded techiniques of urbansimulations, our movies and the captured stills are the core of the visual campaign.

Watch the aerial helicopter shots, the good performance of the international well known actors or the is it real, isn't it?? reactions to understand when the movie pieces are bringing you throughout the best mood to accelarate audience decissions.

3D tracking and integration is made with the finest HD filming cameras over more than US$3million equipments.

Filming with several filmmakers like Chritian Fitzpatrick, Daniel Almeida or our creative director Luis Rivero with the best Lenses from Carl Zeis or Canon are the keys in compositing every shot and the final edition.

Urbansimulations 3D techniques are acclaimed with lectures of the urbansimulations team around the world for Autodesk©.

Real time and 3d web

2010 Shanghai, China. The Expo 2010 Shanghai China order for the Spanish Pavillion the development of the sucessful full 3d, full real time, and full web navigable to urbansimulations with an incredible reuslts of visits.

Bigas Luna, Isabel Coixet, Basilio Martin Patino and the architect Benedetta Tagliabue have been working close to our team to get the most realistic lighting and the exact contents of the pavillion to recreate the same experience that visiting phisically the pavillion in Shanghai.

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