Making-of a Campaign

puertocalero RC : storyboarding

Wonder how our clients are so confidents in our movies, cause we are closing any detail in a really accurate storyboard before moving to shoot. OK, doing a good scouting before we will improve the initial storyboard.

Camera angles, position, continuity, composition and timing is decided before all the team in the very first location ready to record the first shot. So the client can decide about the contents of the commercial, is everything covered? are we getting the audience attention? actually, everything was in our mind before sending the rough sketches to be redrawn for pur expert painter but the client needs to know.

Do the exercise of checking this storyboard with the actual movie, every shot was decided 3 weeks before the shooting.

Then you can get the visual about wardrobe, casting, lighting angle, locations, permissions for shooting, props, extras, etc etc and obviously a real budget for the shooting.

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